About Me

My name is Marcel Missler, a 26-year-old gameplay programmer.

Around 2010 I first came into contact with programming, when I had to do a programming assignment for school. I quickly fell in love with programming and a year later I decided to switch my study and focus purely on game and web development.

I then completed a 4-year course in only 3 years at the MBO in Utrecht called “Media technology”. After two years I had to choose between game and web development; I picked games. During my third year, I spend a lot of time creating a clone of Super Crate Box.

After my study at the MBO, I went to the NHTV to follow the study International Game Architecture and Design (IGAD) in Breda, while keeping a side job as a web developer. I joined the study as a programmer and learned various programming languages (C++ and C#), game engines (Unity and Unreal Engine 4) and file control systems (Perforce and SVN).

During my study at the NHTV, I worked on tons of school projects and participated in a couple of (global) game-jams.

In my last year as a student, I joined the company tinyBuild as an intern. I joined a team that specializes in porting PC games to the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
After graduating in 2019, I was offered a job to stay with tinyBuild.


My main focus these days is C#, whether it is Games, (Mobile) applications or Software, I love it all.


Feel free to take a look at my portfolio and my resume.