Bomb Voyage

NameBomb Voyage
EngineUnity 5
My RoleGameplay Programmer
DateFeb - Jul 2015 (~5 months)
CategorySchool Project - Year 1
Team Size11
- 3 Programmers
- 4 Designers
- 4 Artists
OtherWon the "Best Game" award for first years.


Bomb Voyage is a physics-based destruction game in which the player is tasked to complete certain objectives. Those objectives mostly consist of blowing up buildings, killing enemies and saving your kings. Created during my first year at NHTV, this game received the “Best Game Of Year 1” award.


My Work

As a gameplay programmer, my tasks were very diverse. A few of my main tasks were:

  • Bomb programming
  • UI programming
  • Bomb placement
  • Save system programming


Bomb Voyage won the “Best Game For Year 1” award, which I am very proud of.



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Bomb Voyage can be downloaded here.