Concert Crackdown

NameConcert Crackdown
EngineUnreal Engine 4
My RoleGameplay & Audio Programmer
DateJan 2017 (~46 hours)
CategoryGlobal Game Jam 2017
Team Size9
- 3 Programmers
- 2 Designers
- 4 Artists
OtherTheme: Waves


Concert Crackdown is a game that was created during the Global Game Jam of 2017.

In the span of just one weekend, we managed to create a fully functioning playable game and fun game.

In Concert Crackdown, you are a rockstar, standing in an arena. However, all your “fans” seem to have become crazy and want to get on your stage. It is your task to tune your music waves (generated on the music) in the correct color to hit your “fans”. With some special effects like: hit a fan with a boombox to cause a music explosion and your special ability to hit everything around you, you are tasked to surive.


My Work

With 3 programmers in the team, I was the only gameplay / audio programmer. It was my task to create a huge part of the game. A few of my task were:

  • Waves generation
  • Player interaction
  • Killing enemies functionality
  • Special ability functionality
  • Creating the UI (except the art)
  • Controller support
  • Make builds for PC


The biggest challenge I had to face was the huge workload that I brought upon myself. I had to do a huge amount of work, while only having 46 hours. In the entire weekend I only slept 3 hours and I barely managed to finish my tasks.

Thanks to this project I learned a lot about quick prototyping, good implementation and planning my tasks.


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Concert Crackdown can be downloaded here.