Foster Fish

NameFoster Fish
EngineUnity 4
My RoleGameplay Programmer
DateSep 2014 - Feb 2015 (~5 months)
CategorySchool Project - Year 1
Team Size11
- 2 Programmers
- 5 Designers
- 4 Artists
OtherNominated for "best programming" & "best design"


Foster Fish is a game where you have to control “mamma” fish. “Mamma” fish lost all her babies, and you have to find them back. Meanwhile, there are monsters that will try to eat the fishes that you already collected.

The player can kill the monsters by stunning them with a head bash. After they are stunned you can use all of your baby fish to circle around the enemy. After the player circles around the enemy, all the baby fish will charge and kill the enemy.

Foster Fish was created in Unity, during the first half of my first year at NHTV.


My Work

As gameplay programmer, my main tasks were:

  • Baby fish programming
  • Stunning the enemies functionality
  • Circling the enemies functionality
  • Main setup of the Unity game.


Foster Fish was nominated for “best programming” and “best design”.


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Foster Fish can be downloaded here.