EngineUnity 5
Target PlatformSamsung Gear VR
My RoleGameplay Programming
DateJun 2016 (~40 hours)
CategorySamsung VR Jam 2016
Team Size4
- 2 Programmers
- 1 Designer
- 1 Artist


Maleficus is a game that was created during the first Samsung VR Jam at NHTV Breda.
In just one weekend, we managed to create a functioning VR game for the Samsung Gear VR.

In Maleficus you are standing on a floating platform. Meanwhile, there is lava rising under you. In order to move the platform up, you have to sit on a desk chair, and spin it to the right. However, there are multiple obstacles, like flying books and spikes that come out of the wall, that you have to dodge.

Maleficus was created in Unity.

My Work

As there were only 2 programmers in the game, I was responsible for a lot of work. My main tasks were:

  • Floating platform & rotation detection
  • Create a dodge system when the player moves their head to left and right.
  • Make builds for the VR


My biggest challenge in Maleficus were the restrictions of the Gear VR. We came up with this amazing idea, but we found out too late that the Gear VR does not have position tracking. It was therefore impossible to “dodge” books.
After some playtesting and brainstorming, I figured out that players tend to move their head left and right when they wanted to dodge a book. I then created a system, that would detect if players moved the rotation of their hand very fast. With that system in place I was able to “fake” the idea of dodging books.



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Maleficus can be downloaded here.