Monday Man

NameMonday Man
EngineUnreal Engine 4
My RoleGameplay Programmer
DateJan 2016 (~46 hours)
CategoryGlobal Game Jam 2016
Team Size11
- 2 Programmers
- 3 Designers
- 6 Artists
OtherTheme: Ritual
Additional Used Restrictions:
- Loudmouth (All sounds & music are sounds from your mouth)
- Gandhi's Game (No violence)


Monday Man is a game that was created during the Global Game Jam of 2016.

In the span of just one weekend, we managed to create a fully functioning playable game.

In Monday Man, you are playing as a human that works for an alien company. Your goal is to translate messages giving by your boss, to your fellow co-workers. After you get the assignment you have to find the corresponding alien. However, while searching for the alien, you have to remember the translation you are supposed to give him.


My Work

As there were only 2 programmers in the game, I was responsible for a lot of work. My main tasks were:

  • Creating the translation system.
  • Creating the UI
  • Creating a dialogue system
  • Interactions with NPC’s
  • Make builds for PC


The biggest challenge for this project was the project itself. As this was the first Global Game Jam most of my groupmates participate in, we significantly over scoped the game. This was my first project where I had to perform under a high amount of stress and a little amount of time.
With little sleep, a lot of crunching and a huge amount of passion I managed to get all of my tasks done in just under 46 hours.

Thanks to this project I learned a lot about quick prototyping and good implementation.


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Monday man can be downloaded here.