Neppis Dual Racing

NameNeppis Dual Racing
EngineUnreal Engine 4
My RoleGameplay Programmer
DateSep 2015 - Jan 2016 (~5 months)
May - Jul 2016 (~3 months)
Total: ~8 months
CategorySchool Project - Year 2
Team SizeFirst Part: 11
- 3 Programmers
- 4 Designers
- 4 Artists

Second Part: 4
2 - Programmers
2 - Designers
OtherShowcased by ARM at the GDC San Fransisco 2016


Neppis Dual Racing is a single player & co-op game, where two players can race a toy car, developed for tablets.
The goal is to reach the finish line in as little turns possible. Meanwhile, the player is faced with challenges and obstacles.


My Work

As gameplay programmer, I was responsible for game mechanics like:

  • The Turn-based system
  • The trigger system (like water and obstacles)
  • Art implementation
  • Building for tablet


This game was a huge challenge for me as this was the first project I worked on the Unreal Engine 4 for the first time.
Our project was also sponsored by ARM, and we were tasked to make this game run on a tablet. Therefore trying to keep the game optimized while working in a new engine changed the way I had to think.