Super Crate Box

NameSuper Crate Box Clone
LanguageC#, XNA 3.1, XNA 4.0
DateNov 2013 - May 2014 (~7 months)
CategoryIndividual Project
Team Size1
ResultFinished MBO


Super Crate Box is an individual game I created in my final year at the MBO Utrecht.
With just the basic C# framework XNA 3.1 (later upgraded to 4.0), I was challenged to create a clone of an existing game.

I decided to make a clone of Super Crate Box (the original is a game created in Gamemaker by Vlambeer).

I cloned every part of the game with the exception of 2 weapons and the final level.


My Work

As it was an individual project, I programmed the entire game by myself. I only used the existing sounds & art from the Super Crate Box gamemaker version.

Besides the game, I also programmed an application that can download and update the game. It is also possible to change all the game settings inside the configuration application.


My game was sufficient enough for me to graduate from MBO Utrecht.


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Super Crate Box can be downloaded here.